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Rhino Linings offers a complete line of high density sealants in 2.0 lb, 3.0 lb, 6.0 lb and 10.0 lb densities to meet the specification standards of poultry integrators and performance demands of complex managers and growers. BioSeal™ polyurethane sealants create a seal that you can trust.

Spray applied using water as the blowing agent; the High Density sealants can be used in a variety of applications from livestock buildings to industrial sealing.

  • Features
  • High density sealants make it difficult for darkling beetles to penetrate
  • Provides no food value for insects
  • Stands up to high-pressure spray washes
  • Formulated in black or white for your applications
  • Integrates bio-polyols, as a replacement for a portion of the petroleum ingredients without sacrificing performance
  • Supports farmers by using a renewable ingredient
  • Reduces petroleum use by integrating renewable ingredients and by increasing building efficiency
  • Spray applied using water instead of a chemical blowing agent