Reasons to Install a Lift Kit

We know that a lifted truck looks great, but there are definitely some real benefits to getting your truck off the ground. Here are a handful of reasons to install a good lift kit to your truck.

More Ground Clearance
The most obvious advantage to having a lifted truck is more ground clearance – especially if you’re driving off road.  When traveling through rough paths or streets with potholes, that extra clearance can be quite useful and prevent your truck from experiencing undercarriage, mechanical part or fuel tank damage.

Improve Towing Ability
Having a moderately lifted truck will also help you tow better. A lifted truck offers a better safety margin and weight advantage over the towed load, giving you better control and a smoother ride.  It will also make hitching and unhitching a lot easier. This benefit is only in reference to a mildly lifted truck. It is not recommended that you tow anything in an extreme suspension lift.

Better View
Another advantage for lifting your truck is having a bird’s eye view of the road and the sights around you, which means better safety on and off-road. Being elevated allows you to look out across the hood giving you a much better view of the road and what lies ahead. This allows you to avoid dangerous situations as well as maneuver out of them.

Easier Driving During Bad Weather
Bad weather and treacherous road conditions are another reason for lifting your truck’s suspension. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions on a regular basis, a lifted truck could make your commutes easier. Riding higher can help during torrential down pours and impassable roads, as well as making it easier to drive through the snow, mud and sand.

Clearing Obstacles
Lifting your truck is a must if you plan to do any off-roading! A rock or log on the trail might mean the end for a non-lifted truck but with a good suspension lift you can easily clear these types of obstacles. Leaving the trail for a moment, a lifted truck will get you over common debris that could destroy a regular truck, but a lifted truck could roll right over it. It’s also not uncommon to have to drive over a curb to park in a field or move around a stranded car on the road, that could be difficult with a non-lifted truck which could mean damage to the undercarriage or worse, the fuel tank or major mechanical part.

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